Lorraine Murdoch

Lorraine Murdoch has been dedicated to Triangle Community Resources for over 17 years and believes in the company’s philosophy and values, which makes her a strong Team Leader. She has been very active in the Employment Counselling field for the past 20 years. One of Lorraine’s many passions is supporting women in their journey to gaining empowerment by achieving healthy life styles within the careers of their choice, freedom from addiction and abuse. By doing so, she has also been actively employed for the past 15 years as a Women’s Support Worker in a community Women’s Transition House for Women and Children fleeing abuse and/or violence as well as currently taking on the position of Executive Director for Triangle Community Resources –Solace Second Stage Recovery Home for Women in Abbotsford. ( more information can be obtained by calling 604-864-4052

Lorraine’s ongoing energy and enthusiasm for change has lead her involvement in various memberships where she is actively involved in her community and neighborhood. She holds Certificates in First Responders Training, Employment Counselling, Group Facilitating, Business Administration, SASSI Assessment Training (Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory), ongoing training in her fields of interest and has completed her Certification in Substance Abuse Counselling from the University College of the Fraser Valley. Lorraine has an empathetic, direct approach and is highly committed to Triangle, the staff and the clients we serve.

Brian Chiasson

Brian Chiasson is the Contracts Manager/Owner and the foundation for Triangle Community Resources Inc for the past 17 years. Brian put his vision into action in 1998 when he was awarded a provincial contract in the Maple Ridge/Tri-Cities area to run a program he developed for men facing multiple barriers to employment. Because of Brian’s dedication, hard work, strengths and skills in program development and business management, he extended the RITE Program to three contracts in two locations in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley within a three-year period.

He currently manages 2 contracts and 4 sub- contracts throughout the Fraser Valley including our Ministry of Social Development Third Party contract in Abbotsford and Mission, our Job Options contract in Chilliwack with the Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training and Responsible for Labour, and our EPBC sub-contracts in Mission, Alder grove, Langley and Newton. Brian’s employment background encompasses facilitating Employment Programs, Personal Addiction Counselling, Conflict Resolution Training, Anger Management and Addictions Behaviour Education. Brian has delivered Conflict Resolution and Addictions Education classes that have been highly valued and sought after by agencies in both the public and private sector.

Brian holds certifications in Life Skills Coaching, Substance Abuse Counselling and Employment Counselling. Brian’s experience as a Drug and Alcohol Counsellor combined with his certifications in Employment Counselling and Life Skills Coaching enables him to work with and assist all levels of barrier impacted participants.

His knowledge of the restructuring of economies ranges from the fisheries in Newfoundland to the Forest Renewal Program in British Columbia. He has made it his passion and his drive to help clients secure education and employment in a realistic, time and cost effective manner. Brian proudly lives up to his company logo “Motivation, Inspiration, Success”.

Solace House is owned and operated by Triangle Community Resources. They specialize in working with people who have experienced mild to extreme barriers in finding and keeping employment. Triangle Community Resources are dedicated to ensuring that clients have access to professional employment-based services that are based on best practice and diversified service planning. Their primary commitment is to build on clients’ strengths and natural abilities.

“We have a hard working and dedicated team that is connected to other Employment Service Providers, local and regionalized businesses and training facilities throughout the province. We pride ourselves on Transitioning People into Employment; as well as, utilizing and relying on, fellow Community Service Providers to meet the diverse needs of all British Columbians.”.

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